1975 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe – $2950 (LA)

197 Lincoln Continental
Pictured: Awwwww yeah!

There are some cars out there that so perfectly embody the frivolity of time they’re from, they come across like caricatures of that era.  

And in that vein, ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you this 1975 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe in green with green interior.    

Just soak it in…All of it.  Spanning over 19ft in length (a modern Dodge Charger is under 17ft), yet only having 2 doors, this mighty Lincoln is everything I love about the 1970’s.  It’s a giant, plodding battering ram aimed right at the glass house of practicality and it makes no bones about it.  This car is for the person that does things their way, gas mileage be damned!

197 Lincoln Continental

The seller states that the car both runs and drives which are really the 2 biggest things you look for when shopping for a new ride, so you’ve covered there.  The massive 460ci V8 produced a paltry 206hp when knew so forward gumption given the cars Range Rover-ish 5300lb curb weight will be a leisurely at best.  And that’s really the whole point of this thing in the first place.  This car is quaaludes on wheels.  

If you wanna make a statement, aren’t usually in a rush and don’t have to parallel park much, this Lincoln might be right up your alley…  

But please, whatever you do, only call if you intend to buy. 


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