2003 BMW 745i Low Miles – $7000 (Irvine)

BMW 745i

The BMW 7-Series has been the German marquee’s flagship sedan for decades and the 745i is the best-selling model in that line.  It is a physical representation of the best BMW can do from a design, engineering and manufacturing standpoint.  I shining beacon to the rest of the world, that we are world-class….we are BMW.

…but boy do they depreciate like a rock in the ocean.

Here we have what looks to be a nice example of a fourth generation 745i in silver with a claimed 70k miles on the clock.   The car’s said to be super clean, with everything in working order and while there are only 3 pictures, they do seem to support this.

The car has been on the market 28 days but a lot of folks do put car hunting on hold thru the Holidays so thats not necessailty a red flag. Also, the title identifies the car as a 745i but its listed as a 750Li in the ad itself which is kinda weird. It doesn’t look like an Li to my eye but hopefully the seller has an explanation for the mixup.

That you could be driving BMW’s top-of-the-line model for a meer $7k is frankly insane.  Yes, the car is coming up on 15 years old, but it’s aged remarkably well.  Most of the population won’t be able to discern it from a 2018.  One thing that will be showing its age however is the tech on the inside, specifically the infotainment system.  BMW’s iDrive has come a looooong way and is not not half bad now…but the iteration in this model is in fact all bad.  Use your iPhone for nav and music or swap in an aftermarket unit if its not too much of a hassle and be done with it.

Other than that, everything else is upside:  luxurious accomodations for a 5 grown adults, more than enough power and a ride that borders on decadent.  And for roughly the price of a used Civic…bonkers I say!

Check it out and roll like a CEO…even if you work at Walmart.

PS: If BMW isn’t your thing, the good news is that S Class’s and Audi A8’s lose their value almost as fast.


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