Camaro Wagon – One of The Coolest Cars Ever!

Camaro Wagon

Once in a  great while you see a DIY car mod that is so good you are left utterly speechless.  This Camaro Wagon is one of those.

This thing looks so good, I don’t see how GM could’ve done it better.  There are 2 key components t work here: 1) how good the build was done and 2) how awesome does a Camaro wagon look?

Nailed it on both fronts!  The quality and detail put into this thing is awesome.  It looks completely factory-built.  Nothing seems janky or out-of-place.  Also, holy shi* its a Camaro wagon!  The design doesn’t look odd or forced in the least bit. This thing is a damn near perfect vehicle in my eyes and I would LOVE to own one. 

Check out the rear view: 

Camaro Wagon

This guy, apparently from Rochester, NY, is officially one of my heroes.  Imagine an SS or ZL1 version?  This would be an everyman’s Cadillac CTS-V wagon.  And I think it looks better than the Caddy.

Time to find a good body fabricator then hit Copart to find a decent donor car!

Here’s a forum link describing the build.

Credit: Jalopnik

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