Check This Guy Out! – DIY Supercar Build

We car enthusiasts can be quite a DIY bunch.  I’m perpetually tinkering on projects, doing light fabrication work and patting myself on the back when things actually come together without the need for a fire extinguisher.

Jay Jarvie, however, is on an entirely different level.

You see, Jay, who’s YouTube channel is called BuilderCreator, is building his own 200mph supercar…from scratch.  As in “not a kit”.  As in he’s literally fabricating everything himself.  

A prototype engineer by trade, Jay is creating the chassis, body, electronics and all major subsystems in his quite well-equipped workshop on his own.  He’s even making the ECU.  The ECU for chrissakes!  The one piece of the puzzle that he isn’t making from scratch is of course is the engine, which is a trusty Toyota 1JZ…altho Jay’s rebuild the entire thing and converted it from a single to dual turbos.     

I’m only a few videos in, but man does this guy know his stuff.  Everything from creating the wiring loom to making the buck and molds for the body to fabricating the suspension and exhaust system…he’s the Tony Stark of car DIY!

People like Jay are so crucial to our world as they show you that you can in fact do anything if you just invest the time to learn the processes and work hard.  The only limits out there are one’s you place on yourself…simply remove them and start kicking ass.  

Go check out his channel and be inspired!

….now off to the garage….

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