CNC Motors – What…The…Hell?

If you have a functioning internet connection, you’ve likely gotten word that there appears to be massive fraud going on at CNC Motors in Upland.  

The YouTube channel Normal Guy Supercar has been chronicling the absolutely heartbreaking stories of CNC clients who have lost cars and money at the hands of CNC owner Clay Thom.

Basically, folks would give CNC their cars to sell on consignment and never hear from CNC again.  CNC would also often take the title to the cars at time of dropoff to their shoroom, which is super sketchy and should’ve been a first red flag.  The cars were then sold, with CNC never notifying the owners of the sale nor giving them their money.  

Dan from Normal Guy Supercar even had Clay on (via Zoom) to give his side of the story.  Instead of saying “yeah, we screwed up and this is what happened”, Clay used the time to talk in circles, giving zero specifics, timeline or any sort of anything really. Basically, covid did this…

Suspecting that this might be more than just a few bad deals, Dan put a contact form on his site to have people that’ve been screwed by CNC to step forward.  A few days in and he has 25 stories, totally tens of millions in stolen money!   Sweet Mary!  25 people in a few days…and thats only people that were aware of Dan’s YouTube channel in the first place.  

Watch the latest HERE. This poor guy lost cars totally $800k to CNC’s fraud.  Unreal.

Look, everyone gets their day in court, but based on what I’ve seen, its my opinion that Clay Thom a crook , liar, sociopath and I would say steer clear of CNC Motors. 

…very glad I didn’t consign my R8 to them a little while back.

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