Hyundai Santa Cruz Not a Truck – Says Hyundai

One of the more eye-rolling things we encounter as car enthusiats is the often ridiculous messaging from the automakers’ marketing and design groups.   Whether they’re attempting to justify their positions or make it appear like they’re operating on a higher plane than the rest of us, they often spount ornate jibberish and expect us to buy it….its hilarious   

A notable gem comes to us today from the good folks at the Hyundai Design Team in California.  Ya see, the Santa Cruz is being officially unveiled shortly and they posted an intro video (link below) detailing the mission of this new vehicle.   And while the video is only a minute long, it delivers the BS in spades.

The head of that design group, Brad Arnold, let us know that the Santa Cruz “is meant to thrive in dense urban environments and the open outdoors.” No shit? Wow!  Then, he looked right straight into the camera and with a straight face said “…its not a truck. Its a Santa Cruz”.  

Yup…Definitely not a truck…Like, at all.

Sweet Fancy Moses…

He talks about the Santa Cruz like the Honda Ridgeline, Ford Explorer Sport Trac and Subaru Baja never existed (I’m pretty Subaru would just assume the Baja never did).  Like its this entirely new idea that no one’s ever thought of.  “Hey, what if we had, like, an SUV with a little truck bed. Like, its mostly SUV, but you can still have a little bed for putting some shit in?” 

And I guess if you live in a dense city you’d need that?  Somehow. Almost no one I know that lives in a dense urban environment even owns a car, much less a truck.  And lets be crystal clear here: the Hyundai Santa Cruz is definitely, 100% a truck.

C’mon Brad!   You know better.

Nice truck tho 😉


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