San Clemente Cars & Coffee – Let’s Not Screw This Up

Save our C&C!

As a resident of San Clemente I was thrilled when I found out that Cars and Coffee was moving to our town.  I was further excited when I heard they were bringing the time of the event up to a more weekend-friendly 9-11am.  Its been slowing growing and last weekend’s was one of the best yet.

But all is not well…and we need everyone’s help.

If you’ve ever attended the South OC Cars and Coffee as its become known, you undoubtedly noticed the myriad of signs on your way in and out that say in big bold letters  “No Burnouts, No Revving” and “Please Leave Thru The North Exit”.  These are here to keep the peace with the nearby residents and ensure our event stays right where it is for a great long while.

I was talking with some folks at last weekend’s show and they mentioned the town has been getting a fair number of complaints from said residents and we are in jeopardy of getting booted by the town.  And like everything in life, it generally boils down to a few selfish meatheads.   

We’ve all seen them: flooring it out of the event and leaving some melted rubber behind as some sort of adolescent reminder that, hey, I kick ass!….and I can’t read English…and I the rules don’t apply to me…and I’ll probably pitch a fit when they do cancel the event….and damnit I gotta get my life together.  

The greatest thing about Cars and Coffee is that it’s a community.   Exotic car guys chat it up with import tuner guys who chat it up with VW Beetle guys.  Everyone’s there because of our shared love of cars (and coffee) and we all get along.   And as a community its our collective duty to make sure we protect it.  To that end, if you see anyone breaking these rather simple rules, let them know as nicely as you see fit, to knock it off.  

This is an easy task to accomplish and will no doubt make this great community stronger for it.

Let’s get out there and spread the word!

  • No revving
  • No burnouts
  • No racing
  • Leave by the north exit
  • All the donuts you can stomach…the baked kind, not the tire-melting kind 😉
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