1966 Crown Firecoach – $9999


Firetruck!  Woohoo!

I think for the most part car enthusiasts are grownups who have allowed the small child we all have inside us a little more free reign of how we go about our days.   And the little child in me is screaming “Buy…this…thing!”….loudly.

This “thing” is a 1966 Crown Firecoach (read: firetruck) with a stated 86k on the clock and a condition listed as “fair”.  Fire trucks aren’t generally used as commuter cars so that mileage, while seemingly low, is probably average given its age.  It runs on diesel, has a 4spd tranny and yada yada, ITS A FIRETRUCK!

The really cool thing here is that the seller states its listed as a Class C vehicle so you can drive it with a normal everyday license.  This could be your daily driver if you so chose. 

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Most talked-to guy at Cars and Coffee
  • Most popular dad at school dropoff (with people under 11)
  • Pool filler-upper guy
  • The guy that gets asked to make appearances at EVERY neighborhood birthday party.
  • The crazy eccentric guy your town sorely needs
  • Third-string “might just get a call” fireman in case of severe wildfires

And I’m sure I’m missing some.  The point is, this is a “you only live once” vehicle and to someone (and it may just be one person), this might just be a dream come true…and that dream is less than $10k and apparently in the Newport Beach area.



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