1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe – $2600

Jaguar XJS V12

The V12 engine.  One of the car world’s more mystical creations.  Dead smooth power delivery.  Exotic car lineage.  It is the unicorn of powerplants, even to this day.  Auto enthusiast extraordinaire, the late/great David E Davis, once declared “Everybody needs to drive a V12 at least once in their life.” and I couldn’t agree more.

“But aren’t they only for the affluent, jet-set types?” You might ask from the seat of your late-model Honda Accord?

No sir…they are not!   Enter today’s 1990 Jaguar XJS V21….for $2600!

Jaguar XJS V12

For $2600 (assuming you don’t negotiate), you could have what appears to be a fully functioning V12 British coupe that turns gas and air into style and class.   As with almost every car listing on Craigslist below $5000, there are a few things that will need ironing out, like the Non-Op DMV fees, deciphering real miles as odometer stopped at 90k and likely a new battery. But other than that, this looks to be a decent example.

2 Doors, 2 Seats and 12 Cylinders draped in understated British cool….Does it get any more awesome? (hint: no)

My plan of attack: pay for a pre-purchase inspection at a reputable Jaguar shop to head off any potential cringe-worthy problems.  Get it home, swap the battery and swap in nicer wheels. 

Then pop in some Steely Dan and cruise up PCH like an absolute boss.

Jaguar XJS V12
Pictured: class


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