ALFA ALERT! – 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider – $1100

Alfa Romeo Spider

One of the things that sets car us guys/gals apart from the general population is our desire to save cool old cars.  Where a “normal” person might see the above Alfa Romeo Spider and something say like “What a junky piece of crap.” or “That’d be too much of a hassle to fix”, we see it and say “!”

Craigslist to us is very much like an animal shelter to dog lovers: if you go in, odds are very high you’re coming out with something.  We’re both just compelled to save them…all of them, checkbook be damned.

This brings us to today’s Craigslist heart-string tugger: a 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider located in Irvine.  It’s an old Alfa so we all know there will be a fair list of challenges, but let’s focus on the positives for a second, because this is 2019 and goddamnit we’re all about looking on the bright side of things:  the seats appear to be in good/great condition. It’s got a that classic wooden Alfa steering wheel and rad wheels.  The owner also states its a rust-free body altho I do see what looks to be some repainting on the doors so maybe bring a magnet when you check it out.  I’m also digging that swanky seam foam green color as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Spider in this hue

It does need a head gasket, which I’d be willing to bet isn’t that hard of a job on a simple car like this.  The hood seems to be sealed shut using masking tape, presumably in an attempt to keep all the awesome from escaping, and the interior does appear to be in need of some decluttering and Armor All.

Exhibit A

But for $1100, to have what looks to be a relatively complete and solid Alfa Romeo project, to me at least, is what being a car guy is all about. 

If I had room in my garage (damn you Supra Turbo!) I would be on my way to Irvine right now.

Images: Craigslist

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