1997 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird *XMAS SPECIAL* LT1 T-TOPS- $3000 (HB)

Pontiac Firebird

I’ve never been much of a fan of 90’s muscle cars, with the exception of this generation Firebird.  Something about it always struck me as bad-ass.  Maybe it’s the muscular haunches or the cool-ish front end…It just has a certain coolness about it that its Camaro brother can’t even match.

If you share my sentiment then check this bad boy out: 1997 model year with an LT1 V8 going thru a T56 6-speed manual gearbox and ending in a 3.42 Posi rear end….holy donuts Batman!

While the 17″ Corvette ZR1 wheels are ok, I’d personally swap them out for 18″‘s (fitment allowing) in a darker hue.   Darker/larger wheels in conjunction with the existing lowering springs would definitely give it more of a street fighter look…and with the other upgraded suspension parts, it might just handle halfway decent.

Anyway, at $3000, it seems like a cheap ticket for a ride down memory lane.  Dust off your Skid Row and Dokken cassettes and live the dream!


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