2020 Toyota Supra – My One Gripe

2020 Toyota Supra

Much has been written about the forthcoming MKV 2020 Toyota Supra.  And by ‘much’ I mean literal volumes.  Like, almost all the words…seriously, it’s been a bit much.  

And from what I’ve seen, the opinions are split right down the middle between the “Oh thank you Baby Jesus! MKV woohoo!” crowd to the “We waited this long for a rebodied BMW with fake vents all over it.” camp.  Opinions are like, well, you get the picture…

After some internal debate, I’m squarely on the positive side of things as the world could always use more good sports cars.  With one caveat…

…that damn stick-on door trim piece.

Seriously Toyota.  You couldn’t just shape the door itself continue that flow line from the rear quarter panel?    You had to save $5 by taking a “regular” door and adding that peel-and-stick body garnish.  Seriously?!  Is this some joint collab with Pep Boys?  

I don’t care about the fake air vents that their lead engineer says are real.  I don’t care that 95% of this supposed Japanese icon is from Germany.    What I do care about, however, is that they penny-pinched on such a large design feature of their new halo car…which starts at $50 grand!  

I can see them doing this on a Corolla, because it’s the Corolla and who gives a crap…but on their new Supra?  The much-anticipated MKV? Are you serious?!

And it’s not like this they were going this route during development…

Supra Concept

It was changed at the end of development, likely after meetings with the accountants and the group that adapts concept designs for “real world” use.  

But c’mon…in a car that starts at $50k, spend a little on a cool door stamping for crissakes.   

To my eye, it’s just is a such glaring compromise for a car in this price range and level of importance for the brand.  The rest of the Supra looks awesome in my opinion, but that cheap little piece of afterthought plastic unfortunately colors the way I look at the car as a whole.   

Images: Toyota

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