BMW 8 Series….Infiniti Q60’s Big Brother?

BMW 8 Series
Hello there brother!

So, BMW’s finally taken the wraps on their new 8 Series coupe and….well….it kinda looks like a big Infiniti Q60. At least to me anyway.

That’s not to say its bad or that BMW was in some way copying the Q60.  Quite the opposite: I think they’ve penned a tasteful modern interpretation of their classic iconic 1990’s. coupe   It just happens to bear quite a resemblence to the Q60, which I actually think is a good-looking car. 

BMW 8 Series

That’s all really…just saw the announcements today and was like “whoa, that looks like the Infiniti!”, which is something I haven’t uttered about a car I thought was good looking in quite a long while.   

Also, kudos to Infiniti for stepping up their design game in recent years…they seem to have lost the ugly stick they used to bless all their new models with.  

So, if you’re really smitten with the looks of the new BMW range-topper but haven’t quite found that winning lottery ticket just yet, maybe take a look at the Q60.  

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