Toyota, Show Us The Damn Supra Already!

Toyota Supra 2018

Today was the day when Toyota was supposed to reveal its hotly anticipated Supra sports car to the world.  It was to happen at Goodwood.  It happened….but not really.  Also, what the hell Toyota!?

The new Supra was indeed at the event but was entirely cloaked in development camouflage, the sole purpose of which is to confuse the human eye in order to keep the shape of the car a secret. 

Why bother Toyota?  Why camo the car if you’re calling it a “reveal”?  Seriously…I wanna know as I’m getting sick of this crap from you.

First it was the GT86 which they carted from car show to car show for what seemed like decades only to gift us a car with meh power at best.  Show us the Supra when its release is eminent.   Don’t drag this stuff out forever as it just pisses us off.  I wanna love the new Supra. I really do, but this crap has to end as its just lame.

Enough with the teasing Toyota…man up, be proud of your design and show it off.  This is just getting embarrassing.

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